About Panda Meat

Who is PandaMeat.com?

PandaMeat.com is a satirical website of recipes to cook with panda meat. The creator of PandaMeat.com in no way condones to the cooking or consumption of actual panda meat.

Why did you create the website PandaMeat.com?

The website was created for the sole reason of comedic and satirical purposes. The creator owns the domain name PandaMeat.com and wanted to do something with it. So this website idea is the best the creator could come up.

Would you cook with panda meat?

Absolutely not, the panda is a beautiful creature and in no way shape or form should anyone harm or consume a panda.

How do you come up with the recipes?

This one is very difficult. A recipe is searched and the protein, mainly beef, is replaced in the ingredients and cooking instruction with panda. It’s a really difficult science.

Couldn’t you do something better with your time?

Probably and you should too by donating to the World Wildlife Fund to help to help protect nature and our planet.